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“Scott is a great guy and awesome instructor! If you are in the area, give it a try:)”

– Chad Lebrunx

“Scott Salb is a great teacher and an even better person! I’m very excited to be able to learn under him at Centreville Brazilian Jiu-jitsu! Highly recommended!”

– Bill Nagle

“No better person to train under than Scott. He is a great instructor and even better human being.”

– Guy Chapman

“Love to learn new things from Scott! Always willing to show new things and take time to explain when I have questions.”

– Michael Yamazaki

“Scott Salb is superb instructor. I’ve had the pleasure of traveling and training with him for many years!”

– Anthony Garavalia

“​Scott Salb is an amazing guy and showed me a lot when I got to train with him. His present and future students are lucky to have a guy like him!”

– J.P. Saint Louis

“Scott is like family to my husband and I. He is extremely talented, and a wonderful teacher who is going to make an amazing coach. I cannot wait to see how many lives he changes within his school.❤

– Lyndsay Michelle